Washington’s industry has experienced the thrill of being one of the first states in the nation to fully legalize cannabis. 


Washington DC

Leaders in Congress have indicated that cannabis legalization may be a priority as a part of a larger social justice agenda. 


Producers Northwest (PNW) represents large-scale cannabis farmers, processors and manufacturers in Washington. We currently have lobbying operations in Washington State and Washington DC. Our organization’s goals are lean and to the point – We raise money through membership dues to directly fund political and legal operations that affect change in state and federal regulation.

PNW was founded by Washington’s most experienced industry lobbyist who is also a cannabis business owner and strategist. By joining PNW, you will not only be represented by our best-of-industry political team, you will also have access to insights and predictions that will help your business navigate the coming challenges we will face in the near future. We not only help you predict the future, we help shape it to your needs. By having an executive director and political strategist who is also an owner of a cannabis facility, our organization has a unique ability to see the future clearly and to develop comprehensive and highly focused campaigns to maximize our members’ positions in future market conditions.

While we have all faced incredible hurdles to get to where we are today, we believe our greatest challenges will come in the near future when facing national competition instead of state siloed markets. Congress is on the verge of legalizing cannabis nationally which will open the doors overnight to interstate commerce. Meanwhile, outdated and overbearing state laws are strangling industry growth and competitiveness. With legislation already in draft in Congress, it is critical for WA operators to get our state laws in order so we can be competitive on the national stage and help ensure that Pacific Northwest producers and processors thrive well in to the future and Washington becomes a net exporter of cannabis brands and products.